Tribridge Women's Network (TWN)

Our Mission

The Tribridge Women’s Network (TWN) creates programs that recruit, retain and develop women leaders. We empower women by establishing meaningful opportunities for personal and professional growth. We seek to build firm-wide and community support through awareness of the value of a gender-diverse team and the specific challenges that women face in the workplace.

Recognizing the Value of Gender Diversity

At Tribridge, valuing people is the core of our business. We understand that individual perspectives and experiences are integral to driving strategic growth and innovation, serving customers and impacting the community in meaningful ways. That is why recruiting, retaining and developing a gender diverse team is vital to our continued success.

While the national average for women in technology services is approximately 25 percent, we are proud that Tribridge is leading the industry with a team of more than 40 percent women – and growing. But more than numbers, we are committed to fostering a collaborative environment in which every team member has a voice, diversity is celebrated and opportunities for professional development are encouraged.

TWN Programs and Initiatives

A Focus on: Recruitment

The TWN is focused on generating awareness among women of the exciting career opportunities available at Tribridge, from students and new graduates to experienced professionals. In addition to a variety of on-campus activities, we partner with organizations like Women in Technology International (WITI) to increase the number of exceptional female job candidates, especially across the technical areas of our firm.

A Focus on: Retention

The TWN is focused on ensuring team members have access to the support and resources necessary to excel professionally while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. That means cultivating a flexible work environment for today's busy professionals and families. A direct result of feedback from the TWN, Tribridge has proudly shifted to an unlimited paid time off (PTO) model designed to empower team members to take the time off they need for planned vacations, personal or sick leave. Tribridge also offers an impressive 12 weeks of paid maternity and paternity leave as part of our benefits package.

A Focus on: Development

The TWN is focused on the professional and leadership development of women. In addition to internal networking groups, mentorship matching and company-wide communications training, we offer a quarterly leadership development series featuring timely industry and management topics. With an emphasis on peer-to-peer support, we encourage women to share in their respective career journeys through both formalized programming and individual relationships.

Outside of Tribridge, the TWN is engaging in community outreach with organizations that support women in the workforce, as well as with our philanthropy partner, the Boys & Girls Clubs, through initiatives that encourage school-aged girls to focus on higher education and explore careers in technology.

Want to join a team of exceptional women? Check out Tribridge’s job postings.