Adoption Essentials

CRM User Adoption - More Important Now Than Ever


Recent evidence shows that the speed of  CRM deployments is often given priority over usability and value to users, causing adoption to suffer after the sizzle of the “implementation” is over. It is our goal at Tribridge to help you solve the adoption puzzle . Adoption Essentials is our unique offering which was developed to help you and your team have the best CRM experience possible. It is an ongoing and measurable program that includes Adoption Portal access, Training, Social Collaboration, Adoption Apps, Adoption Goals, Dashboards and continuing Strategic Adoption Consulting.

Industry Solutions

At Tribridge, we stay at the forefront of business trends, from Healthcare Reform and public safety to mobile sales and professional services. We listen to what our customers need, identify gaps in technology and respond with solutions designed to meet industry-specific requirements. Built on Microsoft technologies, our ready-to-deploy applications help manage the issues facing your organization today and provide a solid platform for the future.

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Whether your organization is seeking greater financial visibility or improved sales and marketing functionality, Tribridge can help solve your business challenges. Our professionals have extensive consulting experience, deep technical knowledge and the ability to seamlessly integrate multiple systems and applications. A full-service partner, we manage the complete customer lifecycle, from engagement, implementation and support to programs and events designed to optimize your technology investments.

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Business Applications

Tribridge has developed strategic partnerships with the world’s leading software companies to offer you access to the best business applications on the market. As the only four-time recipient of the Worldwide Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year award and one of the largest Cornerstone OnDemand partners, we can assist you in selecting and deploying powerful solutions that drive measurable results.

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