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Tony's Blog

Where Will Your Next Generation of Talent Come From?

Giving back is more than a noble cause. The growing talent shortage is coming at us like freight train, and our business success is dependent upon helping disadvantaged kids become skilled, educated and job-ready.

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Cloud Solutions

Is Hybrid Cloud the Right Choice for Your Business?

The cloud offers a tremendous opportunity to extend and optimize business applications, improve security measures and maximize IT resources. Cloud computing also offers cost savings, especially considering the costs for upgrading on-premises infrastructure and applications every few years.

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Health & Life Sciences

Dramatically Improve Individual and Population Health Outcomes While Reducing Cost

Damon Auer

Today, the U.S. has the most expensive healthcare system in the world, but is last or near last on dimensions of access, efficiency and equity. Reducing healthcare costs while improving patient care is a common goal and a continuing challenge...


Public Sector

Data Driven Jail Management: Diverting Low-Risk and Mentally Ill Offenders

Josh Jaquish

Today, America’s largest mental health facilities are often our local jails. 64 percent of people in local jails across the nation suffer from mental illness; 68 percent have a substance abuse disorder; and 44 percent suffer from chronic health problems.


Professional Services

Improve Disconnected Processes Affecting Your Organization – Part 5 of 5: Invoicing and Financial System Integration

Fernando Corso

Read our 5-part blog series to learn how to improve the disconnected processes that affect your professional service organization. Discover how utilizing a fully-connected Professional Service Automation (PSA) solution can provide insight on project performance, improve processes and increase profitability.


Consumer & Industrial Products

An SMB Manufacturers’ Guide to ERP Implementation, Pt. 5: Completing the Roadmap

Mark Linsmeier

The solution roadmap is a document or set of documents that reflects business objectives for the implementation, critical solution criteria, critical differentiating requirements and metrics we're trying to optimize for improvement, delivery sequencing, and relative timeline - in one centralized place.