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Tony's Blog

Where Will Your Next Generation of Talent Come From?

Giving back is more than a noble cause. The growing talent shortage is coming at us like freight train, and our business success is dependent upon helping disadvantaged kids become skilled, educated and job-ready.

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Cloud Solutions

Data Breaches Have Long-Lasting, Expensive Repercussions

Valuable lessons can be learned by several high-profile data breaches that have occurred in recent years. The immediate financial consequences from a data breach are costly; however, they can also have a ripple effect that can last for years. In order to reduce the risk of breaches...

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Health & Life Sciences

Encouraging Payvider Dialogue at Pop Health Forum 2016

Damon Auer

According the organizers of HIMSS Pop Health Forum, more than half of the audience at the Chicago event this September 12-13 will come from hospitals and healthcare providers. Another 10 percent will come from payers. We hope both numbers, especially payers, are even higher than expected – here’s why.


Public Sector

ERM: The future of law enforcement, Part 2

Josh Jaquish

Law enforcement leaders, special interest groups and politicians at the local, state and federal levels have become more focused on the fight to improve the safety of both the public and police officers in the line of duty.


Professional Services

Technical Deep Dive: NetSuite’s new Advanced Revenue Recognition Module

Olivier Gagnon

This is a new record type which serves as the central hub for all revenue-related data. When a Sales Order is created, the Revenue Arrangement record is auto-created by NetSuite, based on the Revenue Rules defined on the Item records.


Consumer & Industrial Products

Distributors Have Entered a New Era, Are You Ready?

Matthew McNulty

In order for distributors to thrive in this digital era, leaders must expand their focus beyond inventory management and the supply chain. Technology is impacting how businesses interact with consumers, work with vendors and suppliers, and compete in a fast-paced, global marketplace.