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25 Years (and a lot of advancements) Later, Not much has Changed

Published: June 26, 2012

It’s hard for me to believe it, but I celebrated 25 years in technology sales this month. What’s really hard to comprehend is that for more than half my life I have been meeting new prospects, taking care of customers, and leading and helping sales people succeed (most of the time!).

Ironically, in the same month I reached this milestone we welcomed a class of recent college grads, MBAs and interns into Tribridge Academy. Young, hungry, smiling, sharp team members ready for the real world. It is one of the best, most refreshing things I have seen in our firm where I have spent half of my career.

It is also made me think about the differences 25 years make… We had service bureaus and computer timeshare then – we now call it The Cloud. We had really expensive boxy portable PCs that weighed 30 pounds that have evolved into sleek tablets barely topping a pound. We had sluggish modems that connected people, data and locations, and now they seamlessly merge thoughts, messages and information through the internet.

Despite the technological changes, I see a lot of similarities as I meet and work with the new team members. It is still people and what they do that makes an organization run. I am not an expert at the different generations (not even sure where a 47-year-old fits?), but I do know that the key to success is these people – individuals who work hard, find better ways, talk straight, learn incessantly, carry themselves with the upmost professionalism and integrity, and strive to make the difference.

Twenty-five years later I guess not that much has changed after all, and I am very glad for that.

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