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A Nod to Steve Jobs’ Culture of Innovation

Published: September 15, 2011
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Last month Steve Jobs announced he is stepping down as Apple’s CEO. Even though it was widely publicized that he has been ill, I was emotionally taken by the news. I don’t personally know him, but his legacy and contributions to technology are amazing, especially to those of us who are old enough to have followed his tremendous journey in building the Apple empire.

I started my technology career fixing Apple II computers for the Disabled Students Lab at Florida State University in 1983. They were outdated computers at that time, but that is what the lab could afford. I must admit I was one of the people in the 1980s and 90s who thought Apple was a very niche company. Well, clearly a lot of people stand corrected in their predictions about Jobs’ ability to understand the user experience and build great products.

During his first stint with Apple it was the Mac, then NEXT, Pixar and more recently, the iPod, iTunes, iPhone and iPad. He built a culture of innovation and creative excellence that is truly inspiring. We will all miss Steve Jobs and his indelible mark on our society. I hope his health situation improves.

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