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My Friend Tim Can Help You With That

Published: September 27, 2011

I’d like to introduce a guest blogger, Scott Leslie. A consummate “matchmaker,” Scott has led the development of our strategic alliance program over the last few years, which builds formal relationships between customers, partners and other like-minded organizations across the country. Our team has grown so much from Scott’s efforts with the alliance program that I asked him to share his insights with a larger audience in the hopes that we can all learn a little more about developing lasting partnerships.

Scott Leslie - Director of Strategic Alliances

Several months ago, a friend of mine was in the market for a car for his teenager. We all know that buying a vehicle can be stressful, and once you add the pressure of making sure the car is safe and reliable enough for your offspring, the event can take on a life of its own. My friend had mounds of internet research, a hit list of top models he was tracking, 10 to 12 active negotiations online and was test driving cars all over the region. He was a walking ball of stress.

One day when were together, I asked him a few questions about his car buying process, and after a few minutes of active dialogue he asked my opinion. I suggested that he gather his research and call my friend Tim, who owns car dealerships. I told him Tim would make sure he gets a solid car for a fair price with no hassle. My car-buying friend laughed aloud at my idea, since he had gone the dealership route before and it was too expensive.

A few weeks later, my friend called to thank me and take me for a spin in his teenager’s new ride. Seems that he decided to call Tim, and Tim’s staff went right to work. They narrowed the search, brought a few suitable cars that fit the demanding criteria to my friend for inspection, and helped him through the process. Everyone was thrilled – not least of whom was the teenager with his first set of “wheels.” My friend was relieved, knowing that a friend of a trusted friend was looking out for him. Tim was also grateful for the referral and the trust I placed in his organization.

The exchange with my two friends reminded me that we all have knowledge, expertise and contacts in areas that are needed by others. It’s amazing how powerful it is when you can make a connection and offer these assets to people who can benefit from them.

Trusted recommendations and introductions are naturally webbed into the fabric of our personal lives, but there is a new model emerging that taps into this powerful source for helping others in the business world. I’ll share more about our experiences with this in the coming weeks. Until then, let me know if you’re in the market for a car. My friend Tim can help.

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