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Still Learning and Listening

Published: March 04, 2011
CEO Tony DiBenedetto co-founded Tribridge and leads our strategic direction, growth and development. Read More

I was recently invited to spend a few days skiing in Utah with some guys. It was great fun. As I was going up one of the lifts, I realized that I have known three of the guys about 20 years each. If I rewind the clock, I am pretty sure these guys didn’t know each other or certainly weren’t friends back then. But 20 years later, we were hanging out talking politics, business, family, religion – you name it. We had interesting debates about each topic as we have done the past few years. I also realized that each of these guys has been a mentor to me. Even though this weekend was just about friends getting together, I know I am still learning and listening.

I feel lucky to have had a lot of mentors in my life, especially these guys. They are all successful in many aspects of their lives. I have learned so much from them over the years, including sales management, how to work with an outside board of directors, thinking big, and many other things.

I always encourage other entrepreneurs to seek out mentor relationships. Someone not in your company who can help you grow as a person. The journey of building a business is filled with unexpected challenges. The fact that I have Tom, Marc and John in my corner makes me a much better executive.

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