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The “Magic” of Magic Johnson

Published: November 20, 2009
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Still thinking about my Palm Springs trip. Magic Johnson was another stand-out for me and someone I can relate to in terms of giving back to the community. I really admire what he’s doing to improve the inner cities of America both philanthropically and through his businesses.

For example, Magic’s enterprises are focused on providing consultation to Fortune 500 companies who are trying to break into the urban marketplaces. Let’s say a movie theatre wants to locate in East L.A. They come to Magic for guidance on what products and services are befitting for their individual community and culture. Love it!

I also respect Magic’s commitment to kids. There were only a handful of children at the Ernst & Young EOY event but Magic identified them, and during his talk he mentioned them a few times and made them feel really special.  

I had a chance to sit down with Magic one-on-one. I shared with him what we are doing at the TBTF Foundation and our goal to eliminate the ‘digital divide’ amongst children. He thanked ME for our work – my most proud moment at the EOY event.

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