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What or Who Are We Voting For?

Published: February 04, 2011
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I attended a breakfast forum the other morning hosted by the Tampa Chamber of Commerce that featured the 5 candidates running for the upcoming mayoral election. It’s a pretty impressive lineup, and each candidate in the race has experience in both the private sector and local government. However, the election is less than a month away, and I wish I had walked away with a clear choice.

The bottom line is that all 5 candidates agreed on most of the topics – and I think about 90% of their answers sounded the same. But I still formed an opinion and narrowed my choice down to 2 people because of the way in which they answered the questions and presented themselves.

It reminded me how important body language, speaking skills and communication style are. It’s how you present an idea and the way you listen and interact that can be the difference between winning and losing – regardless of experience, quality or who might be the best person for the job.

I guess it's no different than selling IT services? Two companies can offer the same services, but it’s the presentation that often becomes the determining factor for clients. I’m not saying it’s right, it’s just human nature. So why not differentiate yourself from the competition? I wish the candidates would take a risk and be bold enough to introduce a new idea or go against the popular opinion. I guess we’ll see what happens over the next few weeks.

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