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What’s Your Passion?

Published: January 07, 2011
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I mention passion in several blogs and in many of the presentations I give about entrepreneurship. However, passion is not exclusive to entrepreneurs. In fact, we all want to work in a role or profession that we are passionate about. Last week, in a span of roughly 24 hours, passion was the central theme of three different discussions I had.

First, I went to lunch with a friend, and we started talking about our kids. We both have girls in their freshman year of high school. Most of the discussion was how we are each helping our kids find school activities that excite them. We’ve both seen how much happier our daughters are and how much more effort they put into something when they are passionate about it.

That same afternoon, I found out that one of our team members is taking a new job with a different company. I immediately tried to figure out what we could do to keep him. But as the conversation continued, I learned that he is leaving Tribridge for a job where he will be doing something completely different, something we can’t offer him. He is really passionate about the new role and willing to make a significant career change. I went from being disappointed that he is leaving to elated that he is following his passion.

Finally, I had dinner at a local Tampa restaurant called Pane Rustica. I love this place. Great Italian food, and the menu changes daily. Kevin, the owner, is extremely passionate about eating, food and his award-winning restaurant, and it clearly shows every time I go there. He works extremely hard but always makes time to see if our table is “wowed.” That’s passion.

We all know conceptually that we want to love what we do, but somewhere along the line we sacrifice our dreams for money or success and wind up in a career or job that we are not passionate about. I think the key is to first know what you are passionate about and then try to find it in what you do every day. People always ask me if I am passionate about technology, but the truth is that I am passionate about solving problems for folks. It turns out that technology is a great way for me to do that.

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