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Don't Let Customers Feel Invisible

Published: January 06, 2010
CEO Tony DiBenedetto co-founded Tribridge and leads our strategic direction, growth and development. Read More

I was in the deli line at the grocery store, just waiting for them to call my number. They called number 45 and the guy next to me looked at me and said, "I was starting to think that I was invisible.” I said something silly back, but it did make me think. Do our customers feel that way at times?  I hope not, but I can see how that could happen. 

The lady at the counter was trying her best to serve customers. She was very focused. However, she was so focused on what she was doing she never greeted the guy next to me or said anything to him for a few minutes. I guess he was invisible, even if it was just for a few minutes.

This was a good reminder for me. Let's make sure we are focused on the clients we are serving at the time. Let's make sure we are great listeners and truly understand what they want and what they need. Let's respect that we are here to serve them, and they are allowing us to take a peek inside their businesses (sometimes during difficult times). Finally, let's help them solve their problems in a collaborative way that allows them to call on us again.

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