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1 + 1 = 3

Published: February 24, 2010
CEO Tony DiBenedetto co-founded Tribridge and leads our strategic direction, growth and development. Read More

My daughter recently asked me if "knowing someone" can really help you get into a school. My quick answer was if you want 1 plus 1 to equal 3, then yes. At first we laughed, and then we started talking about how important relationships are in life and certainly in business.

I think about the fact that when I was working at Arthur Andersen I met Tom Wallace, and through that relationship he gave us the confidence and seed capital to start Tribridge. It's hard to say if that would have happened anyway… I had 100 ideas prior to asking Tom and we did not launch. Tom not only invested, but he has become a great board member and an even better friend. I certainly got more than 1+1 equals 2.

Our business, like most, is about trust. Anytime you can help build that trust through another relationship, it tips the scales in your favor. Mike Brennan is a good friend of mine at Ernst & Young. Mike has given me great recommendations to his clients and introduced me to countless others. This has made a direct impact to the success of Tribridge. It would difficult to quantify the revenue, but it too would add up to more than 2.

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