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The Final Four

Published: April 01, 2011
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Whether you are a college basketball fan or not, it has been inspiring to watch two lesser-known teams fight their way through the NCAA championships. Little known VCU and a little better known Butler both have reached the Final Four, and I am one of many who is rooting for one of these teams to win the whole thing.

My alma mater was eliminated by VCU, but instead of being disappointed I find myself rooting for both VCU and Butler – the same teams that lost to Youngstown State (Butler) and Georgia State (VCU), respectively. I am rooting for the teams with lesser-known players who were not viewed as candidates for Duke or Kansas. I am rooting for the teams with young coaches who played at Division III schools.

How often in business do we complain about not having all the star players or the best practice facilities and using that excuse for why our division or company is not the best? That doesn’t seem to be holding back VCU or Butler. These teams represent all that is good in our business world.

It's not the companies with all the talent that win. It’s the companies that play together as a team. It encourages me that teams win, not individuals – teams with a single purpose that play (or work) selflessly. They make each other better with passion. This is exciting!

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