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Hanging with the Family at Tribridge’s Convergence 2011 Party

Published: April 15, 2011

I'd like to introduce a guest blogger for this week. Marc Blumenthal is a friend of Tribridge and Managing Partner at Intelladon.

I had the pleasure of joining Tribridge team members, customers and Microsoft guests this past Tuesday night at the annual customer appreciation party in Atlanta.

I’ve attended many parties at Convergence over the years, and it’s always fun, as they all have music, free drinks and lots of people. Many of the ISVs and larger partners host these parties, and there seems to be a tradition of trying to out-do the other each year.

I was dropping something by the Tribridge offices in Tampa, and I stopped by to say hello to Tony. I told him that the party was great fun. The food, drinks, music and venue were very nice (of course), but what really stood out was the vibe of the party. This was not your typical Convergence party where people come in droves for the food, drinks and entertainment. This was more like a party where everyone is friends and family. They genuinely wanted to be there and have good conversations and fun.

I had the opportunity to catch up with old friends and employees of mine who are now a part of Tribridge, and I was surprised by how many of them spoke of their career plans with Tribridge in five and ten year timeframes. These are people who are not thinking about the next company they plan to work for. To them, Tribridge is their family and you don’t leave your family. You grow with them. Even the Microsoft folks seemed to be there by choice and not obligation, because they closed the bar with me, along with many others.

The vibe and culture of the party were clearly an extension of the “vibe and culture” of Tribridge. This kind of family environment is common in small entrepreneurial companies, and Tribridge, like many other companies, had it in the early years. What is truly special, however, is that Tribridge, after 13 years, over 300 team members and offices throughout the country, still has it.

Kudos to all of my friends at Tribridge. Don’t let that vibe and culture ever escape, it’s one of the things that makes the ride so enjoyable. Thanks for letting me hang with the family.

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