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Learning to Let Go

Published: August 06, 2010
CEO Tony DiBenedetto co-founded Tribridge and leads our strategic direction, growth and development. Read More

I have longed believed that running a company is not much different than being a parent. When the company is younger, you are scared and nervous about everything, especially the thought of events or milestones that haven’t even happened yet. You aren’t sure if your direction is helping or if the team members have the resources they need to succeed and be happy. After time, as the company (or the child) gets older, you start to relax and just see it unfold.

Recently, one of our clients in Dallas was in Tampa on business, and we met for a quick update. Randy is the CEO and wanted to discuss our business relationship and how Tribridge can help him stay focused on his company’s core competency. He went on to share how some of the projects went, mostly pretty good, but he had some constructive comments as well. I really appreciated the feedback.

The thing that stood out the most is the way he talked about one of our team members, Russ Smith. Russ has been with us almost 10 years, and Randy could not stop saying great things about him and the way he serves his company. I left the meeting just like any proud parent, wanting to find Russ and tell him all about it.

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