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Danny and the TBTF Foundation

Published: September 03, 2009
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Danny is the recent recipient of a TBTF Foundation scholarship. Danny’s mother is unbelievable, and her passion and love for her three kids is infectious. I’ve met her on four occasions now, and there is something so motivating about watching a mother really proud of her son. It makes you want to do good by these kids for yourself.

Danny’s well on his way to getting a college education, and he’s only in middle school. Which is why our work with the TBTF Foundation is so important. Our goal is to engage kids in middle and early high school – before they give up and lose sight of their potential. They don’t have to be straight A students, just passionate about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

As a society, we are losing ground in technology and innovation. We can’t be just a service economy. We need to get kids interested in leadership now in order to drive the economy later.

I’m excited about Danny’s future.

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