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I Finally Got my Electric Car

Published: September 09, 2011
CEO Tony DiBenedetto co-founded Tribridge and leads our strategic direction, growth and development. Read More

As many of you remember, I was on a waiting list for a new Chevy Volt last year. Well, the car finally came in, and I picked it up on Sunday!

I usually don’t get too excited about cars but this time I am. Maybe it’s because I’d never seen a Volt live, or because even the dealership folks were excited. I also had great follow-up from the Chevy dealer, Ferman in Tampa. They communicated weekly on the status of the car right down to the rail schedule.

My first impressions are extremely positive. The car drives and handles very well. I must admit I was worried about the acceleration, and I’m pleasantly surprised. The brakes are softer than my last car but I think it’s just a feel thing. The car looks a lot sportier than I anticipated. The interior is extremely well designed, and most controls are accessible through a touch screen computer with a very high-resolution screen.

I was also a little unsure of how the car would react when the battery runs out. Despite all the reading I had done, I assumed there would be some degradation in performance (some electric cars go into “turtle mode” to conserve energy). The Volt doesn’t do this. In my first few days with the car I had to drive about 200 miles, so it was a great test. I didn’t notice any change in performance, and neither did my co-worker who was with me and was also skeptical.

If this is the future of electric cars, we are in good shape. My overall impression is that this is a great car that happens to be electric!

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