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It’s Time to Create Your Own Future

Published: October 29, 2010
CEO Tony DiBenedetto co-founded Tribridge and leads our strategic direction, growth and development. Read More

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about our 2011 strategy planning retreat and my ill-fated kayaking adventure with Howard Joyce during the team-building exercise. Exhausted, sore and humbled by the ordeal, I headed into the planning part of the retreat hoping it wouldn't be as tough. It turned out to be just as demanding, but also a very rewarding experience.

I think one of the big roles when you are running a company is to drive a process that creates strategies to accomplish the vision. I spend a fair amount of time trying to understand what our customers want, how our team members are doing and the trends in technology that can help our customers improve business. I must admit, as I get more experienced, the vision becomes clearer, but the strategies to get there continue to change and are challenging.

Before the retreat, each member of the management team spent a great deal of time on their own shaping the ideas and strategies based on their experiences. This led to a pretty lively two days. It was amazing to see the passion, energy and focus of everyone sitting around the table, each person challenging what we do and making sure that his or her area of the business gets the attention and resources it deserves.

Differences of opinions? Yes. Healthy debates? You bet. It is difficult at times to hear that you are doing something poorly or that the company has to get much better at something. But the end result was motivating to me... we left with a detailed plan for next year. And more importantly, we left as a close-knit team passionate about the future.

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