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Yankee Fever: In Baseball and Business, a Winning Combo

Published: November 04, 2009
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We did it again… 27 World Series Championships! Thinking about the Yankees organization – Steinbrenner, all the champions, Joe Torre, etc. They have absolutely built an empire and stop at nothing to always be the best and respect their position. Respect? Derek Jeter still refers to Joe Torre as MR. Torre. Where do you see that level of adoration in professional sports anymore?

Then there’s the rare symbiotic relationship the team shares with its fans. That unwritten, unspoken faith that the Yankees will win. And it takes a particular type of person to be part of the Yankees spirit and team because not everyone has it in their DNA to be 100% committed, 100% of the time. Accountable to not only friends, but also competitors. It’s a tough position to be in – much like a successful business – but worth the dedication and determination.

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