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Learning the Acronyms Pays off

Published: November 18, 2011

Hi everyone – here’s another blog entry from my colleague, Scott, who runs Tribridge’s strategic alliance program.

Scott Leslie - Director of Strategic Alliances

Most service executives spend much of their time researching customer pain points, correlating the pain to services they provide, and then work to convince customers to hire them. Success ratios vary by executive, though this “lone wolf” model is common in the services industry.

Over the last few years, I’ve had the great fortune of being part of EnSights, a progressive group of national service executives who have shifted from this independent, “lone wolf” model to a collaborative practice of “connecting the dots” for service executives and clients. These EnSights groups have realized profound success; following is one of our stories.

Earlier this year, one of our banker friends invited a colleague and me to lunch with the sole reason to get past the confusing acronyms and terms of the technology world and see how our services could help her clients. After a few meetings, sharing success stories and answering questions – our banker friend better understood the business issues around why her clients were investing in technology.

Several months later, our same banker friend was in a conversation with the CEO and CFO of one of her larger clients. As they were talking, the CIO entered the room to get some informal feedback from the CEO on an RFP for the ERP project they had coming up (Oh, those pesky acronyms: the initiative was request for proposals to change and upgrade the financial systems for the company, i.e. RFP for ERP).

This time, our banker friend started asking questions about the RFP for ERP. The CIO at first discounted that the banker knew what she was talking about. The conversation moved into the technologies they were considering and the banker held her own, actually finding a spot to ask if they were considering our firm. The executives were so impressed that the banker went out of her way to provide credible input that they added Tribridge as the only services firm to receive the RFP.

Our firm ultimately won the implementation work for this client and just recently successfully launched the new ERP application. The client is happy, our firm enjoys another successful implementation, and our banker friend is ecstatic to be viewed as an integral part of her client’s business. Wins abound, all because the banker took the time to listen, learn the acronyms and take action on behalf of her client.

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