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Trying to Do My Part to No Avail

Published: December 03, 2010
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About 18 months ago, I felt compelled to do my part as an American to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. With gas prices spiking and a new president committed to alternative energy, I made the decision that my next car would be electric. So I started looking at the options.

Granted, I don't really like how the electric cars look, but I was willing to overlook the exterior and focus on what really matters. After much research, I landed on the Chevy Volt. What better way to set an example than to buy electric AND support an American auto manufacturer?

It was going to be perfect timing. The Volt was scheduled to come out in 2010, just as the lease on my car was up. But then GM delayed the release. Time was slipping away. I added my name to the waiting list only to find out that it's 56 thousand people long and that the Volt is only being sold in 6 states – and Florida isn't one of them.

Now it's too late. The lease on my car is ending, and I will have to buy something else. I'm very disappointed as a consumer. It made me think about how this situation applies to business. If you over-hype and create high demand – but you can't deliver – how much share do you lose?

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