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All Children are Our Business

Published: December 10, 2011
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On Friday night I was watching Real Sports on HBO. It was a story about tennis great Bob Hewitt and allegations that he abused young girls he was coaching. I am so frustrated with the abuse of authority that has been reported in the news, first out of Syracuse and Penn State and now this. All of it makes me sick. We trust these coaches and these institutions to protect our children.

Much has been written about what the Penn State Officials did not do, but something else is wrong with these stories. What about the hundreds of people around these kids who didn’t speak up? I find it hard to believe that others in the community didn’t know what was going on based on the countless stories over decades in all three of these incidents.

Sometimes we are afraid to butt in because we are concerned that the other parents would not want us to interfere. We are protecting institutions instead of children. It is our business to protect all children.

Recently at my daughter’s school, a young teen started down a destructive path. She was posting videos about killing herself. After several days of this, some of her peers alerted the girl’s parents. They weren’t aware of their daughter’s depression and sought help immediately. I am very proud of her friends and peers who were not afraid to tell someone and ask for help. Hopefully, we can all take their lead.

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