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We are now officially in the Holiday season which means the end of this year is near. Many, if not all of you, are making preparations for the close of the fiscal and calendar year.

The cloud offers a tremendous opportunity to extend and optimize business applications, improve security measures and maximize IT resources. Cloud computing also offers cost savings, especially considering the costs for upgrading on-premises infrastructure and applications every few years.

Deploying a customer relationship management (CRM) solution is not a simple matter. Customer relationship management is a complex set of business processes touching nearly every area of your organization.

Read our 5-part blog series to learn how to improve the disconnected processes that affect your professional service organization. Discover how utilizing a fully-connected Professional Service Automation (PSA) solution can provide insight on project performance, improve processes and increase profitability.

The other evening, I was watching a segment on the national news about Zume, a new start-up in Mountain View, CA, that is using two robots—Marta and Bruno—to make pizzas. Marta spreads the sauce on the crust; Bruno...