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As we head into the busy holiday season and calendar year end, many of you are probably starting to think about how to prepare for the close of the year. In this blog, I will focus on 1099 reporting and the steps to take to ensure success.

The distribution industry is fast-paced and ‘always on.’ There is no time to search through multiple systems for the data needed to satisfy customers or monitor business performance. Integration has never been more important for business success and customer satisfaction.

The way that consumers, particularly the millennial generation, shop and research products and companies is changing. Social networks are increasing in importance and branding plays a large role with developing loyalty.

For many manufacturers, or distributors, as the end of a fiscal quarter or fiscal year approaches, it’s not uncommon for directives to come down from management to reduce inventory, slash safety stocks, delay purchases, delay receipts, or cut overtime.

The other day I met with a new employee that we are onboarding. He and I discussed whether he should work on learning the current version of Microsoft .NET Framework; we both knew a newer version is in development.