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You're growing, and perhaps it's time to expand your hospitality, restaurant or food service company to additional locations and markets. That means having to up your back office software game. You started business with a good point-of-sale (POS) system for cash and...

We've all been there: waiting an extra two hours for a service call where you started off with a four-hour window. Nothing kills customer service faster than when your time is wasted. With the recent introduction of Dynamics 365 for Field Service..

Late in 2016, Microsoft announced the retirement of Management Reporter (MR) for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, which includes Microsoft Dynamics SL. I, personally, find this a welcome announcement..

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the latest advancement from Microsoft, offering businesses all they need in one software application. Being able to tie operations and financials to marketing, lead generation and field services is truly a game-changer.

Modern ERP is a Customer Experience (CX) enabler. Most people equate CRM systems with customer experience initiatives, while they equate ERP as the 'backbone' managing data and processes driving the business.