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For many manufacturers, or distributors, as the end of a fiscal quarter or fiscal year approaches, it’s not uncommon for directives to come down from management to reduce inventory, slash safety stocks, delay purchases, delay receipts, or cut overtime.

Data that is getting garbled, mismanaged, misinterpreted, or in some cases simply lost can be very expensive. When there is no reliable source of true information related to customers, products, prices, and vendors, consequences can include...

Master data management (MDM) may feel far removed from the Customer Experience (CX), but it plays a significant role in the customer journey and experience. As companies add channels of engagement (self-service, social, etc.), the need for MDM grows and the potential to impact CX grows.

The White House Office of Consumer Affairs states that attracting a new customer is 6 to 7 times more expensive than retaining and growing existing customers. Meanwhile, according to research..

I recently had a conversation about the impact of customer experience with Jessica Noble, senior manager of enterprise consulting at Tribridge. As we discussed applying analytics to the factors that influence customer experience and the impact on a company, I thought about that strenuous return ride.