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Historically, learning and performance have been primarily compliance exercises. As learning experts, we're accustomed to presenting training in a classroom..

The other evening, I was watching a segment on the national news about Zume, a new start-up in Mountain View, CA, that is using two robots—Marta and Bruno—to make pizzas. Marta spreads the sauce on the crust; Bruno...

We will describe how we converted legacy SCORM content in order to fix runtime or tracking issues, or to improve the quality of data tracked and reported by the LMS.

I'm ready to spark a learning revolution—one that any organization can join. Are you with me? My revolution focuses on making learning personal and it's been in the works for years.

For those who haven't been in the eLearning game since the late 90s, the days before the SCORM standard was released were chaotic days. A new LMS seemed to pop up on a monthly basis, and each one had its own way of creating and launching courses.