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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) lives. So what comes next? That is the big question the healthcare industry faces in the wake of last month's failed vote in the US House of Representatives to repeal the ACA.

Information is the key to the future of managing jails, and in this age of web-based technology, information means data. As they say: information is power, but it’s useless if you can’t access and understand it.

We've all been there: waiting an extra two hours for a service call where you started off with a four-hour window. Nothing kills customer service faster than when your time is wasted. With the recent introduction of Dynamics 365 for Field Service..

Personalizing care plans and perpetually coordinating care is hard, but we’ve shown we can solve that challenge with Health360. Getting a patient to collaborate with remote care team members is hard

If you ask most physicians, they’ll tell you that EHRs mean hours of data entry that result in huge productivity losses – some estimate up to 30% – and diminished patient relationships. When doctors are stuck looking at a screen instead of looking at a patient, they can’t do their jobs.