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NetSuite recently released Version 2017, Release 1 of its business management suite. I recommend that you take a minute to read the full release notes list, now available in the Help Center on your NetSuite application, to discover which updates are particularly interesting to your business needs

The Multi-Book Account (MBA) functionality is an interesting and powerful feature in NetSuite, but what you might find most exciting is that the module is free for all OneWorld customers. OneWorld customers can implement MBA to handle posting...

Modern dating is actually pretty similar to the search for the right technology partner. If you’ve had trouble courting a partner, sadly, you are not alone. Many companies even have to break up with a partner and start over.

As we transition to the dog days of summer, NetSuite has released a new update, version 2016.2. I’ve seen many version changes over the years, but this is probably the most feature-packed one yet with over 100 enhancements.

This is a new record type which serves as the central hub for all revenue-related data. When a Sales Order is created, the Revenue Arrangement record is auto-created by NetSuite, based on the Revenue Rules defined on the Item records.

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