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Historically, learning and performance have been primarily compliance exercises. As learning experts, we're accustomed to presenting training in a classroom..

If you ask most physicians, they’ll tell you that EHRs mean hours of data entry that result in huge productivity losses – some estimate up to 30% – and diminished patient relationships. When doctors are stuck looking at a screen instead of looking at a patient, they can’t do their jobs.

The other evening, I was watching a segment on the national news about Zume, a new start-up in Mountain View, CA, that is using two robots—Marta and Bruno—to make pizzas. Marta spreads the sauce on the crust; Bruno...

Today, America’s largest mental health facilities are often our local jails. 64 percent of people in local jails across the nation suffer from mental illness; 68 percent have a substance abuse disorder; and 44 percent suffer from chronic health problems.

Many of our Professional Service Organization (PSO) firms are forecasting for 2017. Forecasting doesn’t require a crystal ball, a furry groundhog or any mystical devices. Instead, modern PSO’s need the right tools and technologies to meet their forecasting needs.