Future-Proof Your ERP for the Long-Term with Dedicated and Experienced Partner

Nothing lasts forever, especially in the world of enterprise resource planning. It seems the time gaps between major software overhauls and updates get smaller with every passing year, making it more challenging than ever for business leaders to keep their solutions on the cutting edge. While it may appear impossible for a company to remain ahead of the curve given an ERP market fueled by disruption and differentiation, I firmly believe that an IT consulting partnership can be the golden ticket for a future-proofed ERP infrastructure. Support from a dedicated and experienced partner like Tribridge, can make all the difference. 

Expect the Unexpected

As the digital age has progressed, generic enterprise software solutions have been largely abandoned for more intricately customized tools that reflect the unique demands of an industry or particular firm. Just as a suit must be continuously tailored over time to fit one's figure, however, ERP needs to be under constant analysis for efficiency, and adjusted in close accordance with every twist and turn the enterprise undergoes. According to TechTarget, preparedness must start with the first step into the ERP arena, and no firm can risk going it alone when integrating such critical software.  

"When we first did the original [ERP] implementation, we had the support of a consultant," Diana Young, NCI's senior vice president of finance and administration, told the news source. "That was key. We [initially] thought we could do it ourselves. I recommend having a consultant helping you with the implementation and to be there when you go live."

Of course, integration is only one piece of the puzzle. A recent study revealed that there has been a 111 percent increase in the frequency of ERP updates since 2009, reflecting the highly volatile nature of the business landscape. In light of this uncertain and fast-paced evolution, support must be readily available for the weeks, months and years that follow the initial setup stage, ensuring that a business avoids the costly pitfalls of blind ERP maintenance and configuration. 

The Value of Support

There's no telling what will affect an ERP solution's effectiveness for a given organization, let alone the impact these unpredictable changes will have on the financial and operational implications of the software. With the support from a dedicated service provider such as Tribridge, business leaders have 360-degree guidance throughout the entire ERP lifecycle, facilitating tweaks and updates in direct alignment with the challenges and strategies affecting the enterprise. 

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