Establishing a Successful Communication Strategy for Your ERP Implementation

Companies should strive to both inform and ease employees’ fear of change regarding ERP implementation. Communicate often and keep it simple.

Create an internal marketing campaign

Get employees involved and excited about the new ERP before the workshops, testing and go-live begin. Run a contest to “brand” the initiative. Create internal marketing materials such as pens, posters, mouse pads, etc. that reinforce the branded initiative.

Set up a project portal intranet site to serve as a repository for information. Post FAQs, have an internal blog and highlight internal champions. List target dates, training schedules, workshops and progress on the project portal.

Communicate beneficial goals

Determine beneficial goals for each department as to why the new ERP system is being implemented. If the accounting department has to work overtime and weekends to finish month end close, let them know a target goal is no overtime, no weekends and a 5 day close cycle.

If the sales and support teams have to compile custom invoices off-line and reconcile receivables, let them know a stated goal is seamless, electronic invoicing to customers. If manufacturing/distribution is running production from siloed excel sheets, let them know full Materials Resource and Production Planning will be part of the ERP. Communicate to employees how the change will make their jobs easier and more productive.

Hold internal town hall meetings

Hold regular Town Hall meetings with employees and senior management. Let your employees see that senior management, including the C-suite, is supportive of the ERP implementation. If your company has multiple locations, make sure to include the smaller facilities, even if it is remotely. Smaller locations will be important to the overall success of the ERP implementation as well.

Hold pizza parties and ice cream socials with the senior team so employees can ask questions and see the commitment of the senior team. Have a contest with prizes for ERP implementation trivia. Make it fun and part of the culture.

Following these simple steps will help get your ERP implementation off to a great start. For more information on ERP implementation, contact us and read our ebook, 10 Days to ERP Success.

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