5 Key Benefits of Azure

Tribridge's software development team has been using Azure for several years now and we wanted to share some of the benefits of Azure that our customers are experiencing. A lot of these Azure benefits directly help the business and the business users of the systems. Azure does provide for vast technical benefits that also make selecting it a compelling choice.

Predicative Pricing

– Our customers like the fact that their monthly costs can be computed upfront. This lets them budget and plan for their expenses. There are no hidden expenses like upgrading operating systems, paying for support contracts or buying a new server every so many years to keep up with technology.


– Azure offers the ability to add more servers "on the fly". We have customers that will bring up more servers from anywhere for a few hours to a few days. Some computational intense processes require more power for only a few hours and then the extra servers can be shutdown, saving money. Other customers can predict a spike in their application or website use and will bring up servers in advance (running some high profile commercials is a good example). This on demand scaling typically only costs a few dollars. This is nowhere the cost of buying a server and configuring it, just to turn off a few hours later.

Bring Up New Environments

– At Tribridge,our software development testing process typically involves having a Development environment, a QA environment, a Training environment and of course Production. It has always been a challenge to get budget approved for 3 to 4 environments. With Azure we can create these environments in less than an hour and then bring them up when needed. This saves money by not having to purchase the hardware and allows for the customer to only pay for when the environment is turned on.

Having Control

– The Azure management portal allows the customer to do things like bring up new servers, control how many servers are running, see what state the servers are in and allows for the occasional reboot. There is no need to put in an IT request or call a third party to do basic monitoring.

Not Having to Worry about Backups

– Our customers like not having to worry about backing up their systems as they have to when on premises. The underlying benefits of Azure technology triple replicates (copies) all data, which eases most customer's minds. While this is good for most customers, bringing key data on premises is always an option we consider.

We are dedicated to supporting and developing Azure projects. Helping our customers gain Azure benefits regardless of their business need is our goal. We can discuss the benefits of Azure as well as if there are any things you need to be aware of before developing custom software for Azure. We offer reviews for determining if your existing software can be uplifted to Azure as well as new development efforts based on the Azure platform.

What are your experiences with using Azure? I’d like to hear them.

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