Marketing Techniques and Social CRM Tools That Can Help Drive Results

3 Marketing Techniques and Social CRM Tools to Help You Go Beyond Facebook and Twitter

Excerpts taken from Scott Klososky, author and innovator of Social Technology

Every association can benefit from adding new social marketing techniques that can assist with everything from driving revenue to brand awareness. Social technologies not only incorporate a powerful collection of tools for Social CRM, they are also comparatively inexpensive. Today associations can learn a few important lessons from the consumer products industry. Companies like Starbucks, Nike, Pepsi, Dell, Dirt Devil, IBM and JetBlue have already seen tremendous results from using social marketing methods through social CRM tools, including these three:

Member Intelligence - a strategy that involves increasing the amount of information that an association currently archives on its members, then using that information to customize information flow and the overall relationship. Many businesses are now automating this process by connecting their CRM systems to services that find every new customer online, and do the harvesting automatically.

eWord of Mouth Marketing – Word of mouth has always been the most powerful driver of human behavior. People believe what their friends or a trusted expert tells them; they very rarely believe advertising. An eWord of Mouth strategy involves identifying centers of influence (e.g. bloggers or Twitterers) in the market you want to communicate with and providing them with content they would want to deliver on to their audience. When people read content delivered from these people, they have a high degree of trust for it.

Viral Video – Most people enjoy having the occasional viral video sent to them through email, or on one of the social sites. They are viral in nature because people like them enough to share them with all their friends. The amazing thing is that many of these videos will get millions of views and that costs the producer of the video ZERO. The distribution is free and completely scalable. What makes videos go viral is not magic or luck. There are clear formulas that, when followed, give you a great chance of getting a large audience and a high pass around velocity.

Don’t overlook these three social marketing techniques. When delivered and monitored through the use of social CRM tools, they can provide a huge return on investment for the savvy marketing team.

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