The Irony of Population Health Management

“Population Health Management (PHM)” sounds about as impersonal as it gets.  Here’s the irony, to achieve the aims of PHM requires a commitment to personalizing the care experience.

EMRs hold the promise of complete, accurate, easy access to a patient’s clinical data.  But what about the rest of the information that will dramatically impact a patient’s health, wellness, and perception of service quality?  What about the tools to personally plan care and coordinate care delivery across different physical locations?  Relationships between service providers, consumers and family members need to be personalized and managed perpetually, not transactionally.

The literal definitions of the words “Personalize” and "Clinical” are in sharp contrast, which is another irony since Healthcare Providers have to be really good at both. See what I mean in the definitions below.

per-son-al-ize (verb) - design or produce something to meet someone’s individual requirements; to make personal  

clin-i-cal  (adjective) -  efficient and unemotional; coldly detached 

We’re in the market with a “personalization of care” message that we feel is resonating with more and more healthcare executives. The Tribridge Care Coordination solution leverages Microsoft Dynamics CRM to enable the personalization and coordination of care.

We’ll be at HIMSS 2014 in just a few weeks and look forward to advancing the personalization of care conversation.  Visit us at the Microsoft booth if you get a chance or get more info at our Care Coordination page.

Happy 2014!

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