How to: Use Sales Acceleration Software to Unleash the Power of CRM, Part 1

Part 1: Closing the content loop between sales and marketing

Creating a solid, repeatable sales process is a crucial part of the Sales Director’s role. Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are designed to help organize and manage the process. They offer visibility and the ability to identify trends and predict future revenue – to some extent at least.

Now, a new kind of technology is emerging that will help improve the sales process even further. It's called sales acceleration software, and it's designed to help business developers get through the sales process more efficiently, while catering to buyers' increasing demands for tailored but objective content.

In this two-part blog series, I'll introduce you to the benefits of this type of software, including the ability to align your sales and marketing teams, automate some parts of the sales process and ensure that your prospects receive the best, most relevant and personalized content.

In this first post, we'll look at how sales acceleration software can help open up communication channels between your marketing and sales teams.

Closing the Loop

One of the biggest areas of frustration for sales and marketing teams is content. Marketers work hard to create unique, engaging and on-brand content but, according to experience (and research by Sirius Decisions), Sales Reps only actually use about a third of this content.

Poor content storage (filing, naming conventions and so on) and management (keeping the content up to date) practices are partly to blame for this. It takes two to tango however, and marketers will quickly point out that their 'lazy' colleagues in the sales team would rather use the version they saved locally two years ago than quickly look for the most current version.

How Does it Work?

It starts with effective content management. Tribridge’s sales acceleration solution has a powerful library that simplifies the tasks of creating, storing, managing, searching for, and using content. It’s based on SharePoint, a great repository for content, and offers a much more user friendly interface and powerful search capabilities.

Document co-authoring and collaboration features make it easier for writers and marketers to work with product and subject matter experts. In this case, users simply install a plug-in to their Microsoft Office programs, and then work on the document as they usually would. As they work and save the document, their changes are automatically reconciled and become visible to everyone working on the document.

Automated review and approval workflows help to ensure that all content is up to date and compliant. All you need to do is assign a subject matter expert, document owner, and review interval to each document when you save it to the library. By categorizing and tagging content when you upload it, you enable users to quickly search and filter to easily find what they're looking for.

The ability to create templates that automatically merge with specified content sections and associated CRM data gives the marketing team great control over content the sales team is using, while giving sales reps the freedom to build their own documents (including proposals, presentations, quotes, and so on) as they need them.

The idea is - many organizations use SharePoint and store their sales and marketing content in it; our software will help you get the most of this content through search integration with SharePoint. In a world where content is king and timing is everything, sales acceleration software can give your organization a huge advantage over the competition.

Learn more about our sales acceleration solution and how we can help improve the way your sales team communicates with prospects.

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