Getting Personal - Value-Based vs. Fee-for-Service Care Experiences

I recently saw firsthand the real-life, right-now differences between the value-based healthcare and fee-for-service healthcare models.

My Dad, a Medicare recipient who lives in Arizona, gets care under a coordinated program. We were with him recently to celebrate his 70th birthday. He proudly told me (and even played me a couple of voicemails) about the coordinated care he's receiving. He couldn't be happier with the level of proactive communication and outreach he gets from his care team. It's a real personalized care experience.

Fast forward a few weeks later. Now here's the sharp contrast to the fee-for-service payment model based on my family's medical coverage.

My wife has an appointment with her primary care physician (PCP) in downtown Chicago. She's actually looking forward to the visit as her PCP is conveniently located only a few blocks from her new office. I was travelling at the time and my wife had to drop our kids off at school, so she ended up driving downtown instead of taking the train. She realized pretty quickly that she was going to be late for her appointment. She tried everything she could think of to contact the PCP's office. After three or four unsuccessful phone calls (she kept getting a voicemail each time) and a couple of emails, she gave up and missed the appointment entirely. A few hours later the PCP's office called to berate her for not communicating that she'd be late for her appointment. They then offered an alternate, inconvenient appointment slot - to take place four to five weeks later! Simply put, this was a discouraging, take-a-number, impersonal care experience.

Despite my close proximity to this industry, I couldn't believe the vast differences in both care experiences. These situations served as a great reminder for me that our Health360 solution at Tribridge helps providers "personalize care experiences." It's more than an industry trend. It's a mission that has a tremendous impact on my family and yours.

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Damon Auer is Vice President of the Health and Life Science practice for Tribridge. He is a 20-year technology and consulting services executive specializing in helping health and life sciences organizations achieve business performance improvements. He oversees projects ranging from cloud-based Care Coordination and Electronic Medical Records systems implementations to process and systems integration consulting for healthcare delivery, pharmaceutical and medical device organizations.

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