Wanted: Lost AP Check Batches in Microsoft Dynamics SL

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One of the most commonly reported support issues for Microsoft Dynamics SL customers is the "Lost AP Check Batch"... It can manifest in many ways and has many disguises, but please know that it can be found! By the end of this blog, you will be better armed within Microsoft Dynamics SL, and have the ability to recover lost AP check batches.

This common help scenario usually begins with this…

"We are trying to complete our check run for this week.  We have our AP vouchers selected for payment but when we printed checks, there was an error... Now we cannot find the check batch to reprint the checks. The vendors show their vouchers as unpaid, yet we can't re-select the vouchers for payment. The vouchers do appear on the Check Preview report. What is going on? Why can't we find this batch?"

Does this sound familiar to you? Below are some scenarios and solutions aimed at navigating these occurrences, and solving the problem.

Scenario 1

Is the batch in AP Check Update? This is the most common hiding place. To confirm this, open AP Check Update, hit F3 on the Batch Number. Is your batch in the list? Did you get a clean print of these checks? If you did, then you just need to "Keep" the Batch. If not, then you need to "Delete All," then go back to Checks to print them again.

Scenario 2

If the check batch is only visible in Check Preview and Edit Select Documents for Payment, it's likely that a user accidentally selected "Delete All" on AP Check Update. This will roll the batch back to an unprinted state despite having printed the checks without issue. This is very common with track wheel mice and multitasking users. You will need to print the checks again to plain paper or PDF, then confirm the numbers match the original print, then "Keep All" the checks.

Scenario 3

If you do not find the batch in AP Check Update, Check Preview or Edit Select Documents for Payment and the vouchers still show unpaid and checks are still not recorded to the Register, it's likely the batch is waiting in Release AP Batches. Open Release AP Batches, select the batch and Release it. You should now see your checks on the Check Register and the Vouchers will show as paid.

Scenario 4

If you find that the batch does not appear in any of the above locations, the checks numbers show on the Check Register as Void Checks (VC) and all the Vouchers show available for payment again; this indicates that a user accidentally selected "Void All" on AP Check Update. This blanket voids all the check numbers and clears the payment selection. This is also a common issue with track wheel mice and multi-tasking. To correct this, you must reissue the checks on new numbers and destroy the first set of voided check numbers. If they were already mailed, then you must record the check number cross references for bank reconciliation efforts.

It is my hope that the scenarios and solutions above will empower you to handle lost AP Check Batches like a pro! If for some reason none of the above scenarios apply, or the suggested solution does not resolve the issue, please reach out to us and we will gladly help.

Please note that Main Stream Support for SL 2011 ended July 2016; consider upgrading today. All Support for SL 7.0 ends October 2017, so be sure to check out the new features in SL 2015.

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