Experlogix CRM Opportunity and Quote Solution

What Should You Expect from a CRM Opportunity and Quote Solution?

Does your company have a complex inventory model with product and service dependencies that have corresponding business rules or other characteristics that are challenging to remember or change? Do your CRM opportunities, quotes and orders require your users to add several products and/or services from product inventory? If so, I highly recommend that you take a look at Experlogix.

As your CRM users are probably aware, it can take up to 5 mouse clicks to add an inventory line item to a CRM opportunity, quote or order. If users need to add 10 items, that equates to 50 mouse clicks or more, plus searching through inventory, remembering to add dependent items, doing manual calculations to identify correct quantities, etc. What if I told you that your users could generate that same CRM opportunity or quote in just 5 clicks or less with no manual calculations required, and users do not have to remember to add the inventory dependencies. Have I captured your attention? If so, then read on because that is exactly what this product did for the company where I previously worked.

VisionAIR is a software development company for the public safety marketplace. Their opportunities and quotes can often be complex due to product/service dependencies and the various calculations required. Order-related CRM records (opportunities, quotes, etc.) can contain upward of 50 line items and for more than a year their sales team had to manually add all those line items to CRM opportunity records. Yes, it is true, the sales team generated those records, remembered the line items needed and submitted their quotes for review prior to delivery so calculations could be checked, inventory added if needed, etc. As you can imagine it was a time intensive task.

Then along came Experlogix and their sales staff now generates the same record in CRM with sometimes 10 or less mouse clicks. Yes, it’s true, from potentially 250 mouse clicks down to 10-ish. Talk about a nice return on investment, happy users, reliable calculations, more time available to do what sales people do best, sell.

Add to the above, a company whose products are Microsoft Certified, fully integrated with Dynamics applications, and you have a winning combination. Oh and one more thing, the product support team is responsive and provides outstanding service.

You may be wondering why I took a few minutes to blog about Experlogix. My reason is that I’ve seen Experlogix in action. I’ve witnessed times where Experlogix made the difference and was a critical part of the CRM implementation project success. Over the years, I’ve heard stories from other companies who struggle with generating opportunities and quotes from CRM so I wanted to share this information in the event that it might help if you are faced with similar challenges.

Need help improving staff productivity, taking effort out of generating CRM opportunities, quotes, orders and/or service contracts, giving time back to your sales and finance team and significantly reducing the possibility of errors on sale’s related deliverables? Then I definitely recommend you give Experlogix a look.

Have any questions or comments about Experlogix or specific struggles you face with generating CRM opportunities, quotes and orders? Feel free to comment below.

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