Integrating With Microsoft HealthVault Insights: A Modern Shot at the Elusive Patient Engagement Challenge

Even though we’ve been at it for several years, we’re still in the early days of solving the patient engagement challenge. 

Personalizing care plans and perpetually coordinating care is hard, but we’ve shown we can solve that challenge with Health360. Getting a patient to collaborate with remote care team members is hard. Creating a health and wellness monitoring tool that we’ll utilize and make part of our daily routine is also hard, especially when we all have too many apps vying for our attention.

That’s why, to this point, we’ve opted to integrate Health360 with customer and partner apps and portals – instead of creating our own integrated mobile consumer experience. That’s about to change.

Microsoft just announced HealthVault Insights, a new research-based project designed to allow partners to generate new insights about patient health, drive adherence to care plans and encourage patient engagement powered by the latest scientific advances in machine learning, that we’ve integrated with Health360 Care Coordination. One of the cool things we’ve done with Microsoft is translate the sometimes too-clinical sounding tasks and activities in a care plan into habits and goals that are far easier for me to incorporate into my daily routine. If we’re successful, we can have an even bigger impact on personalized health.

We know this can work. One of our Health360 customers reported a 4x patient engagement metric (when compared to the national average for employer health/wellness programs) by deeply integrating Health360 with a modern consumer app.

An engaged consumer, and active collaborator in remote-monitoring, gives every member of the care team an increased frequency to observe behavioral, clinical and activity signals that can inform an intervention before a small problem becomes a big one.

Learn how HealthVault works in tandem with Health360 or if you're in Orlando for HIMSS, come by the Microsoft booth #2509 to talk to our experts.

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