Transforming to Population Health Management? Healthcare Providers Can Learn from the Retail Industry

HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) hosts its annual conference and exhibition at the end of this month. The event brings together more than 40,000 health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world. We love attending this event each year because, like our healthcare team at Tribridge, everyone there is focused on innovative use of technology to improve healthcare quality, safety, and access.

As the system shifts to one that rewards long-term patient wellness and better outcomes, providers must change too. And for inspiration, healthcare providers can look to the retail industry and its shift more than a decade ago. With the advent of online shopping, consumers visited retail stores less frequently, and this forced retailers and brands to reconsider the entire customer journey, from consideration to purchase, service, and even returns.

Just as brick-and-mortar stores gave way to online shopping sites offering lower prices, convenience and greater choice, I believe that healthcare will shift away from investment in physical infrastructure, in favor of investments in systems that can help keep patients healthier outside of medical facilities, in the comfort of their homes – in their daily lives. Remember all those abandoned malls?

The vision for value-based healthcare is, after all, a system where fewer beds are needed, not more.

It can cost hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars to build a new hospital, and it costs THOUSANDS of dollars for an emergency room visit. What if just a portion of those resources were directed to proactive, personalized care?

With a consumer-centered population health management (PHM) solution, like Tribridge Health360, for example, providers personalize Care Plans to individuals and enable Care Team members to operate at the top of their license – impacting more patients with the same human and physical resources.  The fabled “win, win, win” for patient, provider and payer.

The answer to better healthcare isn’t more hospitals. Let’s focus on emptying the beds and keeping patients out of the hospitals. I’m excited to spend time with others passionate about this shift at HIMSS.

We know that PHM and other new approaches are taking hold. If you want to learn more about the latest advances our customers are making in delivering better, more personalized care, stop by and visit us at HIMSS in booth #3832.

When I return from HIMSS, I’ll give a full update!

Damon Auer is Vice President, Health and Life Sciences for Tribridge

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