Why Tribridge is Excited about NAV in 2014

Influential leaders in my life have taught me some valuable lessons, one of which is to keep the past where it belongs – in the past. We should resolve and learn from both the worst and the best from the past but we should also refuse to dwell on the mistakes and in the same accord refuse to obsess with the great things accomplished.

Our Tribridge NAV team learned many lessons in 2013, from not only our successes but also from the things we accomplished that could use some improvement. As we focus on the present and moving forward in 2014, our team is enthusiastic about the state of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and how we can help our customers. Why are we so excited?

Microsoft is Delivering as they Stated

Microsoft stated they would deliver versions of Dynamics NAV in a faster cycle (within 12 months) than they have before. With the release of NAV 2013, the R2 release in Oct. 2013 and planned release of NAV 2014 this year, Microsoft is holding true to their word. At Tribridge, we applauded the “death” of the Classic Client and have laid it to rest where it belongs – in the past. Because of the new role-tailored interface, our customers are now in a better position to take advantage of the faster release cycle.

Dynamics NAV is in the Cloud

Traditionally, Microsoft customers were not early adopters of the cloud. But when success indicators are showing such compelling results, it is difficult to ignore the benefits that cloud based business solutions offer. The cloud is now a discussion we have with every company that is looking to purchase Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Why? Customers are looking to transform their business processes quickly and take advantage of the speed and agility that a cloud deployment of Dynamics can offer them. And the maturing of cloud offerings makes this possible. Tribridge Concerto Cloud Services, our business unit for private cloud services, is evidence that the market demand is focused on with its nearly 3x growth rate last year.

The cloud isn’t just a movement for new Microsoft Dynamics customers, we are seeing our current customers move from on-premise deployments to cloud environments as well. The cloud offers current customers the ability to quickly upgrade, offload specialized systems from an overburdened IT team, package expert support, guarantee uptime, and add integrations in one stealth move.

Our Team

I love our Tribridge NAV team. Having experienced what this team can accomplish delivers a joy that makes me even more motivated to see what we can accomplish in 2014. The culture, strength, knowledge and experience of our team places Tribridge in a position to deliver the best in products and services to our customers. Our collective and shared experience allows us to leverage the things we have learned to deploy new features and benefits into the marketplace for our Dynamics NAV customers. Whether the consideration focuses on mobility, intellectual property, industry fit solutions or a roadmap to the future, our team is well equipped to deliver these benefits to our customers in 2014.

Do you have questions about Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Tribridge? Please leave your comments below or email me at brent.fisher@tribridge.com

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