How to: Use Sales Acceleration Software to Unleash the Power of CRM, Part 2

Part 2 - Automating the mundane parts of the sales process

In the first part of this blog series, we looked at how sales acceleration software can help align your sales and marketing teams by closing the content loop.

This time we'll be looking at how it can speed up the sales process by automating some of it.

Accelerating the Sales Process

Good, simple, repeatable sales processes are powerful. Of course, every business is different, so the sales process should be tweaked and optimized accordingly. But the basics remain: sourcing leads, contacting them, qualifying them, building the opportunity, creating a proposal with pricing, negotiating, and then (hopefully) closing the deal.

In complex B2B sales environments, this process takes a long time. And when everything is done manually, it takes even longer.

Take the proposal-creation stage of the process, for example. How long does it take your business developers (or marketing execs perhaps) to put together a proposal? How long do they spend looking for things like the most recent word template, the new company overview, correct product information etc.

How Does Sales Acceleration Technology Help?

It's all about giving your business developers quick and easy access to the latest, most accurate proposal content and then helping them create their own personalized proposals.

Tribridge's sales acceleration solution has a powerful, SharePoint-based content library that connects to your CRM, as well as to a range of proposal or presentation templates.

What it means for your sales team is that they have the ability to generate proposals and presentations, or to search for content, right from within the opportunity view in CRM.

Adding data tags and business rules to your templates and content sections enables the system to automatically tailor the document. For example, you can add the client contact and company information, select industry-related content and add pricing direct from CRM.

It's About Having Better-Quality Sales Conversations, More Efficiently

At the end of the day, the sales process exists to ensure that a business has a regular flow of new business, and to help get that new business in as fast as possible. Using technology to simplify and speed up the process makes a lot of sense. But like the process, the technology must be simple and easy to use.

Our sales acceleration solution plugs into Word, PowerPoint, Excel and CRM while adding a clear, user-friendly interface to SharePoint.

Learn more about our sales acceleration solution and how we can help improve the way your sales team communicates with prospects. You can also watch our new on-demand webinar, Extend the Power of CRM to Accelerate your Sales Processes.

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