Managing Change in Healthcare: Your LMS is Critical to Success

Over the past several years, healthcare has experienced more changes than ever before. New programs and regulations, such as the ACA, ICD-10 codes, HCAHPS surveys, HIPAA, value-based payment models and EHRs have made it necessary for healthcare workers to get training on more than just the latest medical procedures and equipment.

Healthcare organizations must also focus on how to quickly and properly train their staff on all of these initiatives designed to improve the quality of patient care, manage healthcare costs and measure outcomes. That's why leading healthcare organizations are developing strategies to help them quickly fill learning gaps.

For example, Pennsylvania-based St. Luke's University Health Network, wanted to ensure its staff was ahead of the technology curve so executives identified several key objectives, including:

  • Training allied health professionals, nursing and medical students, and residents and fellows, and attracting them to practice within its service area
  • Improving the level of service provided throughout its network
  • Striving to maximize the satisfaction of its employees and medical staff

St. Luke's selected Cornerstone Learning, a learning management system, to support these objectives and to be the vehicle to track and manage the extensive training required to ensure a successful transition to a new EMR solution, which would impact a majority of the St. Luke's staff.

As the St. Luke's team neared the final stretch of the Cornerstone implementation, leaders realized that they had to bring in some additional resources to help the St. Luke's team that was responsible for ensuring a successful rollout by the targeted go-live date. While the team had the resources to handle the technical requirements, it would need supplemental resources to build content and set up the learning system.

At this point, the St. Luke's team reached out to Tribridge and its Managed Services group for help. With more than 60 Cornerstone certified experts, Tribridge was able to immediately assist with various Cornerstone administration tasks while the St. Luke's team focused on the big picture of vision and strategy.

The Tribridge administrator assigned to St. Luke's was able to take on a large volume of the hands-on work that needed to be completed for a successful pilot testing and population of data into its production environment in preparation for the go-live launch.

The result? St. Luke's met its targeted go-live date and achieved a seamless and successful launch of Cornerstone Learning. St. Luke's implementation project manager and Cornerstone administrator says that the Tribridge implementation consultant was great to work with, noting her professionalism, organizational and planning skills and business savvy.

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