Improve Customer Experience with ERP

Modern ERP is a Customer Experience (CX) enabler.  Most people equate CRM systems with customer experience initiatives, while they equate ERP as the 'backbone' managing data and processes driving the business.  ERP supports the ability to deliver an order correctly and on time as well as the services supporting the initial customer purchase - returns, repairs, invoicing and AR. 

If finance and operations in your organization are suffering from thin margins, customer churn, flat revenues and increasing customer complaints, consider the cause:

  • Lack of focus on your customer’s journey and their experience with your company
  • Ineffective, inadequate systems
  • An inability to adapt to business process changes required to stay competitive
  • Lack of back-office / front-office integration 
  • Lack of accurate and timely information resulting in poor decision-making capabilities
  • Organizational & information silos hindering internal data sharing and visibility of key customer information
  • Unsynchronized customer touch points across channels (in person, web, phone, email, chat, self-service)
  • Inadequate integration and collaboration with suppliers

Listen to your customers and your front line team members. If you are not sure how to capture feedback, consider customer interviews, focus groups and advisory boards. This input is critical to prioritizing the most customer-relevant improvements.

Use the feedback to fine tune current initiatives to reduce friction in the customer experience, to design/re-design processes and make customer listening (voice of the customer) an ongoing part of your strategy.

Focus listening on:

  • Identifying what customers value
  • Understanding the most important customer touch points to improve consistency & reliability
  • Where you need to be educating team members on internal hand-offs across internal silos to prevent process gaps and overlaps

Then, consider how you can maximize feedback:

  • Develop internal rewards based on customer health
  • Act on customer feedback to make improvements and let them know you’ve acted on what you’ve heard
  • Identify timely insights and indicators to fuel decision-making
  • Measure the impact of improvements you make by monitoring essential customer metrics

By focusing on customer experience and levering the implementation of a modern ERP to improve it, you can radically impact your business:

  • Customer acquisition costs decrease and customer retention increases
  • Existing customers spend more and become less price sensitive  
  • Customers are more likely to make referrals and they become more forgiving of service failures when they occur – and they will
  • Loyal customers are more likely to engage and provide feedback, which is important  to inform continuous customer-relevant service improvements

Customer Experience improvement is not a game of “whack-a-mole” – focus, focus, focus!

Our Business Consulting team can work with you to identify and prioritize customer-relevant improvement opportunities. We also have expertise in Essential Customer Metrics and Business Intelligence & Analytics tools for reporting and analysis. And, be sure to download our free ebook “10 Days to ERP Success” to learn how to make sure your new ERP system improves the experience you provide your customers. 

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