Connecting the Dots to Accelerate the Sales Cycle

There's a whole host of new sales management software out there. From powerful reporting tools to handy Outlook plug-ins, it's all about speeding up and improving the sales process. In many cases, it's also about aligning sales and marketing.

If you joined our webinar, Extend the Power of CRM to Accelerate Your Sales Process, with Qorus Software last week, you would have seen one of these solutions in action.

This particular solution, Qorus Breeze Proposals, accelerates sales by simplifying and streamlining the content management elements of the process - for example, enabling sales teams to generate pitches and proposals within CRM.

How Does it Accelerate the Sales Process?

Great things happen when sales and marketing teams use a single platform to store, manage and use content. When that content library has powerful search capabilities, it's easy for business developers to find and insert content into their pitches, proposals and other documents.

Mapping content in the library to industry, region, product, challenges, stage in the sales cycle etc., enables the system to recommend the most appropriate content for each prospect. And if the content library has smart workflows, it's easier to ensure that it is regularly reviewed by subject matter experts. This means that the content is more likely to be compliant and of a better quality.

Once they've got the right type of content, the business developer simply associates it to the relevant opportunity in CRM and presses a button to generate the document. Qorus Breeze then goes a step further by using the data stored in CRM to automatically tailor each document, for example, adding company name and pricing information. This reduces the risk of mistakes and copy and paste errors.

If you'd like to learn more about Qorus Breeze Proposals, let us know. In the meantime, this short e-book goes into a bit more detail.

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