What does Peyton Manning have in Common with your CRM Success?

Peyton Manning’s recent retirement speech was one of the best. He thanked the right people and shared his most impactful memories. He hit all the right points with just the right tone. Why are none of us surprised?

We all knew his speech would be well-prepared because he always is.

Peyton Manning’s career was not defined by his athletic ability. Even in his prime, he wasn’t the fastest, didn’t throw the hardest and sometimes didn’t even look the part. His results were driven by his preparation and his course corrections.

Prepare for a Better Customer Experience

Better connecting with customers is becoming a top priority for many organizations. According to Gartner, by 2017, 50% of consumer product investments will be redirected to customer experience innovations.

CRM is the primary technology that organizations use to support customer-facing business processes, as well as to develop a ‘360-degree view’ of customer interactions, both internally and externally.

CRM enables:

  • Service consistency with better internal visibility into key customer information and customer touch points
  • Improved response times and response accuracy
  • Customer feedback collections and analysis to provide actionable insight into improving the experience.

Unfortunately, according to a recent CNET article, many organizations are not happy with their CRM system.

Why is this?

Going back to Peyton Manning for a minute, he understood what Sun Tzu said thousands of years ago – “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” He won his games just as much in the film room as at the line before the snap of the ball. He planned. He prepared.

Today, it is sometimes the case that ease-of-implementation is put on pedestal. It can feel like we are doing our projects to a customer not with a customer. Preparing our customer for success is just as important as Manning’s film study before an important football game.

We have all seen situations where a customer wants to engage in a three month project to automate a paper customer process. They desperately cram every feature in that they can afford and, once the users try it, they figure out it’s not exactly what they wanted.

More often than not, delivering initial “essential” features, then planning for course corrections can be as effective as a well-timed audible on the football field.

Subscription-Based Cloud Solution Delivers Essential Features

The great news is we have solved for that at Tribridge. Adoption Essentials is a subscription- based cloud solution that helps customers get launched and stay on course in their journey. It consists of wizard based onboarding with consumable 'essential' features, ongoing Adoption Labs, Adoption Apps, social collaboration – all built right into the customer's CRM solution.

Adoption Essentials starts out with a 10 Days to CRM Success program. It gives our customers 10 days of scripted plays - proven best practices to start their CRM initiative out right.

That way, like Peyton Manning, you can use your CRM solution to plan, prepare and adjust, as necessary.

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