Cloudy with a Chance of....

Greg Pierce

A good friend of mine just returned from a business trip out to Seattle. When asked about it, he said it rained all day. Around our office, it’s feeling a bit like Seattle these days – Cloudy. We joke around with each other about cloud catch phrases - cloudy with a chance of…[insert funny item] seems to be the clear winner right now. It seems that everyone we talk to in the technology arena is talking cloud, cloud, and more cloud. Separating reality and hyperbole can be fairly difficult – everyone is scrambling to develop their cloud pitch, messaging, and solution right now – so I plan to do a couple things:

  1. Find very cool, useful, cost effective cloud solutions and let people know about them.
  2. Find dorky, un-useful, not so great cloud ideas and make fun of them.

More to come soon.

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