Boosting Patient Experience by Maximizing CRM

There's no doubt that the rise of technology is making health care more efficient for doctors and insurance and care providers, but what about for patients? It's perfectly fine that health care stays personal, since medical professionals are in the business of people, but the way we approach health care should be catered to the lifestyles of those who need to use it. There's no reason 2015 can't be the year of technological advancements to improve the patient experience by making the hospital visits less of a pain.

What We Need as Patients

Right now, there seems to be a gap between the technology that hospitals have available to them and what applications medical providers can employ with their equipment and devices. According to MedCity News, the operating systems and browsers most hospitals rely on are way out of date. When we, as patients, are looking for other methods for contacting our doctors and other health care providers, it would be in everyone's best interest to use the most up-to-date technology available. Sci-Tech Today reported that insured millennials have a list of wants to optimize the time between visits.  Of the millennials surveyed, it was intimated that most would like the ability to have more direct contact with primary care physicians, digital forums in which to keep medical records and, perhaps most importantly, mobile applications through which they can make future appointments. 

Improvements on the Horizon

Luckily for us, our voices are being heard and software with the potential to improve our experience at the doctor's office is growing increasingly common. More medical facilities are implementing CRM software that passes data from hospitals to providers to patients and back again. This process makes patients a part of the conversation rather than leaving us to wonder how it all connects. And, as Dr. Eric Topol noted to The Wall Street Journal, the medical field is "making great strides in capturing personal medical information," as referenced by MedCity News.  This is great for the consumer, because when our information is made accessible to us, health care professionals can work with us, both in and out of the office, for a more holistic approach to our well-being.

As long as our hospitals and providers utilize the highest quality of CRM software available, we should be well on our way to a healthier approach to our bodies and our peace of mind. 

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