What can Dynamics 365 Customer Service do for you?

Did you know that you can create your own easy to use customer support portal directly within Dynamics 365? A Dynamics 365 portal allows your customers to get support for issues, search knowledge bases and how-to guides, collaborate with communities, suggest new ideas, and learn more about your products and services.

Why you should consider a support portal

The first place your customers look for answers is your website. Traditional support blogs and wikis can become unmanageable and frustrating to your customer. With Dynamics 365, you can easily manage the customer’s support experience by using pre-loaded support templates.

Customers like a product or service that works, but love a company for the support they get when that product or service fails. This turns your customers into repeat customers and loyal ambassadors for your brand. Allowing an open dialog with your customers creates opportunities for growth and the ability to get ahead of issues.

Let self-help portals be your first line in the war of keeping your customers happy. Allowing your customers to have their own log-ins makes them feel that they are being heard. Self-help portals take the burden off your support staff, allowing them to focus on larger issues. Let power users share their experiences and help your customers be part of a community. With each customer having their own log-in, you can track the products or services that they use. This also allows them to track their own support inquires. Keyword searches allow your customers to easily find their product or service and get the answers they are looking for.

Connect with your customers

If customers are not getting what they need from the self-service portal, give customer service reps the power to turn an unhappy customer into your biggest advocate. With Dynamics CRM and Dynamics customer service portals, your support staff can pull up your customer’s information. In one place, they can view the full history of the customer, their products and/or services. Your customers can enter a support ticket, phone, email or live chat.

Microsoft has partnered with CafeX Live Chat. With this powerful in-browser live chat client, connect with your customers. This feature list tool offers:

  • Live Chat
  • Co-Browse
  • Bot Integration
  • Mobile App
  • Microsoft’s preferred omni-channel provider for Dynamics 365
  • Integration with Dynamics 365 web client and USD, running on Microsoft Azure
  • One-click personalized customer assistance in mobile apps and web pages
  • Engagement campaigns present relevant content to drive cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Embedded live chat and knowledge base integration with agent-to-customer screen share, co-browse, file/link push, annotation, remote form fill, click-to-voice/video
  • Single sign-on and unified provisioning flow through Microsoft Office
  • Built-in PCI compliance and sensitive data masking
  • Integration with the Microsoft Bot Framework offers chat with bots via website and social channels with escalation to live agents
  • Context capture across channels provides 360 degree view and journey continuity

Customer Service is just one of the many capabilities in Dynamics 365.  For more information, reach out to us.

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