Reading in the Cloud

Greg Pierce

I recently purchased a Kindle, and I love it. It is really good at one thing – providing literary content. I researched a bunch of products before picking the Kindle, and I think it’s definitely the right choice. One thing I really didn’t pay attention to during research, but have been pleasantly surprised by, is the Kindle’s Cloud integration. I can log on to Amazon’s site on my laptop, pick a bunch of books, and voila, when I turn on my Kindle, they’ve downloaded! My phone has a Kindle app, and allows me to access all the same books simply by putting in my login and password. Even cooler – if I read a book on my Kindle at night and then decide to pick it back up on my phone over a lunch break, not only is the book there – it’s at the same page. That’s a pretty good use of cloud technology if you ask me.

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