Talent Management Technology Trends for 2014 Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I addressed the shifting landscape of talent management technology support needs and listed the top three   areas in which we are seeing organizations focus their time and resources in terms of the overall talent management process. 

In this second installment, I want to talk about two other areas that many of our clients are concentrating on this year:

  • Investment in reporting and analytics
  • Social and mobile functionality

Investment in Reporting and Analytics

We predict that 2014 will be the tipping point when most companies strive to move away from staffing a team to respond to ad hoc reporting requests and finally invest in a combination of existing self-serve reporting tools, third-party reporting solutions beyond MS Excel and customized reporting dashboards that mirror business metrics. There is definite push/pull at play in the HR reporting arena right now – the “push” being the scarcity of the skills and headcount needed to keep pace with fulfilling ad hoc reporting requests and the “pull” being the recent proliferation of stand-alone data reporting and analytics solutions specific to the HR industry.

We are seeing frequent requests to consult with clients and recommend end-to-end solutions that:

  • Leverage integrated employee reminders
  • Manage alert functionality to reduce the need for ad hoc status reporting
  • Deliver the majority of reporting through predefined operational dashboards that provide all system users with consistent data and metrics at their fingertips

Social and Mobile Functionality

Yes, you knew it had to be somewhere on this list, but, contrary to all those beliefs of being “so behind,” social and mobile adoption really aren’t the number one priority for most clients. This is not to say that our learning content development team isn’t busy building and converting key content to an HTML5 mobile-friendly format – those are table stakes in today’s environment. But overall, we are seeing rather slow adoption of ubiquitous mobile and social technologies in the workplace.

We have far more clients still struggling to “keep the lights on” and run base talent management systems than discussing mobile and social solutions. Here is where organizations are still lagging behind the consumer experience, with most workplaces still in the early stages of building out the policies, business processes and internal resources needed to adopt social and mobile technologies effectively.

That said, tablet use is skyrocketing, and we rarely see an RFP that doesn’t specify iOS and Android compatibility, so mobile is definitely top of mind for all workforces. This is closely followed by social capabilities – especially when it comes to recruitment solutions and performance management systems.

Is Your Company on the Right Track?

After reading about these major activities that real HR departments (versus those case study, industry pacesetters) are engaged in, we hope you will be encouraged knowing that your company is on the right track and on par with the rest of the industry – not behind … but perhaps just not quite there yet.

We hope 2014 will be your company’s year to excel in meeting your talent management system goals. Who knows? You might even write your own case study about the positive impact your everyday efforts are having on your workforce!

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